The Peruvian Ocelot


The Peruvian Ocelot was once portrayed on the Moche culture, a pre Inca Culture that existed between the year 100 to 800 AD.

First at all, thanks a lot for stopping by this blog.   I’m starting this project  with the help of one the most  important people I have ever met.  I guess I can finally understand what it means when somebody says you can see the world sometimes through someone else’s eyes.   I hope that one day I will be able to give as much I have received in life from family and friends and even strangers,  like love and companionship, trust, patience,  dedication, sacrifice, values, a place to live, a name, knowledge and  wisdom…  This project is not just about myself or the things I can make or the places I can go, but it will be about growing for myself and for everyone around me,  so I hope you can stick with me through this journey…

When I chose the Ocelot as my nickname,  I realized how much I love animals.   My mom always thought that one day I might be a veterinarian or somehow working with animals, but life is uncertain and the closest thing I ever got to working with animals was in an animal shelter for a short period of time…but that is part of another story.

My story begins in Peru, where I was born  in a mountain city  next to the Andes,  called Huancayo.  The name comes from the Huanca Quechua word “Wankayuq”, which means “place with a sacred rock”.  It’s  a growing city nowadays with almost 400,000 people.  We lived there until I was 12 years old, then we moved to Oxapampa,  a small town in the high jungle area where I spent almost 12 years.   I then moved to Lima  (the capital), before I decided to come to the United States.

I think  moving changed my point of view on many things:  places, people, culture and overall about life.  I realized that the world I was living in was only as wide or narrow as I wanted it to be.  So who I am?  I have to say there is no  answer to that, because  I’m only now learning that the more I discover about new places, people, and experiences,  the more I realize that  I didn’t know much about myself. So for now I ‘ll just be the Ocelot.

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