The Fine Line Between Madness and Excellence

I began “cooking”, so to speak, when I was 12 years old.  My mom used to call me every time she was making a special dish like a birthday cake just to help her out.   However I never became good, and in fact my first dish ever was a dessert made with coconut and oats.  It came out so hard, once out of the oven, not even my dog was able to chew it.   But even in those moments when I failed,  I found certain peace… Why cooking?  To me it is a way to escape from the moving world and at the same time bring me back to the moment.  You could even call it therapy.  “Therapy for what?” you might ask, and I say “For everyday life…”

If you LOVE food as much as I do, either making it or just eating it or watching somebody cook, this link is for you:

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