Simple Elements in Gratitude

Courtesy of Cafe Gratitude    KC

Courtesy of Cafe Gratitude KC: Strawberry Cheesecake

How many times have you been blown away by a vegetarian dish?  If you are like me, maybe never. Until recently, I didn’t know how simple yet complex a dish could be without a meat protein (like fish, poultry, beef, etc) and somehow manage to take flavors to a new level.  With always simple but good quality ingredients, it is amazing how a restaurant like “Cafe Gratitude” can make a difference in your perspective about food.

The first  thought that comes to my mind when I hear the word vegetarian is “something is missing”.  But like everything else I have learned in life,  nothing is ever just one way, just one shape or just one form.  So thanks to Katie, who took me to this restaurant last year, I found myself so content enjoying something old but at the same time new. The names of the dishes resemble more than just the ingredients; they create a clear connection to the old adage “You are what you eat” and give it a whole new meaning.  In a world where the process of growing food, especially meat, has been taken to scary new levels,  lately I have been questioning if it is really worth it. Buying expensive fresh produce and protein  sometimes makes us wonder how much we are literally abusing the resources we have been granted that we have to raise the cost of basic needs like milk and eggs.  Sometimes I ask myself how much humans have to abuse animals without any remorse just for the sake of “convenience”.  And for those who live in denial, sooner or later reality will catch up.  If we don’t take more serious measures than just creating labels such as “organic” or “free range” (which we all know are just words to make us feel a little better about ourselves) we will end up in a place much worse than we are right now.

So for those who love meat like I do, it is hard to digest the truth sometimes, but there is always an option, because in the end the benefit ultimately is for us.  My suggestion is not to become a vegetarian or vegan all of a sudden, but instead be more thoughtful when we buy animal products or be more honest about whether we really need to buy it.  Like I said, this conflict comes from myself,  but I have realized I’m not alone in my opinions.  So for those who really love food, I think I can understand the need for a better place for all of us.  Today I am grateful I have the awareness of the need for a better planet, and as you probably  have heard before, it starts one day at the time.

If you would like to visit the official website of this really cool restaurant, Cafe Gratitude, please click here

Pesto polenta over sauteed spaghetti squash and spinach topped with Brazil nut parmesan and basil

Courtesy of Cafe Gratitude KC: Pesto polenta over sauteed spaghetti squash and spinach topped with Brazil nut parmesan and basil

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