The Dining Path

Sometimes when everything seems grim,  I remember how important the little things are and how important simple things like good food are.  Then, suddenly all is better again. This  idea also applies  to a whole nation.  To be more specific, like the case of Peru, one that struggles with a bad economy,  corruption, and the growing shadow of terrorism that once almost started a civil war.  Even though times are somewhat better now, we still have the problems of a third world country.  Because of that, there are not many things that can cheer you up unless we talked about Peruvian food…

I have talked about Gaston Acurio before, but not until now have I realized how important he is for my country, not just for the food itself, but also as a channel to tell the world about this sometimes forgotten country. It  is because of him that Peruvian cuisine is finally gaining the recognition that it so long deserves, because food is not only about a nice meal but also about connections, history, and traditions.  He brings recognition to just how hard life is for people and how much work it takes to make those ingredients reach your table, yet he always makes sure everybody shares in these accomplishments.  He reminds us of the traditions that were being forgotten because we thought our past wasn’t good enough to be proud of, not good enough to share with the world.

Peruvian cuisine is not only changing Peruvian perspectives about discrimination, but it is also creating opportunities.  With more than 50,000 students looking to became the next famous chef, this is proof that sometimes something so basic can change a whole country.  In Gaston Acurio’s  own words, “Food is not only for the senses anymore, but to feel it also in your heart…”

2 thoughts on “The Dining Path

  1. I really like this post. “Food is not only about a nice meal but also about connections, history, and traditions.” This is so true! And yes, sometimes something as little as food can make the whole world seem brighter. I’ve never tried Peruvian food. I guess I should test out one of your recipes. Or go on a trip and stop by your restaurant sometime!

  2. Thank you Jessica and yes you should try peruvian food sometime, like peruvian ceviche, lomo saltado, causa rellena, and so many more dishes. Thanks again for stopping by 🙂

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