Nothing Like One Week Celebration…

Avelino Statue

Avelino Statue; Welcomes you to Hualhuas

Today like every year the small district of Hualhuas (which is part of my home town Huancayo) start celebrating the traditional festivities for a whole week in honor of San Roque, who is consider  the “missionary saint”…

I have learned recently more about Hualhuas than I did when I was growing up, I learn that this town has one of the most beautiful textiles made of alpaca and  sheep wool in the central region of the mountains in Peru, textiles I grew up without noticing much. Is strange that sometimes one has to be far away in order to finally get it, I have learned also the colorful “Avelino costumes” (see picture above) I used to wear myself almost every year during national  festivities while I was still in school came from this very same town, these same costumes where actually a war disguises during the battle against Chile in 1879.

But today is not about  things I didn’t learn before, today  is about a celebration I want to always remember with all my hearth… Felices fiestas patronales!

3 thoughts on “Nothing Like One Week Celebration…

  1. Isn’t it amazing how many things about our home towns and countries we take for granted growing up? Thank you so much for sharing. I hope I can visit Peru someday… Felices fiestas patronales! 🙂

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