So much textile, so little time (and space!)

Colorful textiles bring so much life to a room (or outfit!) While browsing the internet looking for some eye candy, I have amassed a collection of beautiful photo inspo.  Thinking about how much time and dedication and tradition that goes into the creation of all these makes me realize even more what valuable pieces of living history they are.  Here are some of my latest inspirations… (post by Katie)



Teotitlan - " . . .This is a mega-weaving village of of 5,000 weavers legendary in Mexico for the beautiful tapestry weavings made here."//// beautiful these and indian remind me of home

7 thoughts on “So much textile, so little time (and space!)

  1. A girl after my own heart. I love this kind of decor. I’ve just moved into my new house and couldn’t wait to unpack my collection of travel prettiness – so much so, that I’m dedicating one of my upcoming posts to it! 🙂

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